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Girls Can Draw Hentai Too!

2017-06-19 18:04:39 by ShadGirl

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First of all, i wanna thank you for taking the time to visit my page! 


About Me: 

I'm Emma your typical collage girl, i'm trying to balance my time between studying and working.. and at the end of the day i barely have couple free hours to enjoy and do what i want, and mostly i'll be spending them drawing for your pleasure c;

Why Called ShadGirl:

I'm not ashamed to admit that i've been a fan of the artist Shadman since a very young age, i first discovered his works here on NG then found out about the ShadBase <3 at some point i even started downloading his works on my phone and my friends saw them and i told them everything about Shadman and we all became a small group of Shadman fans until this day, however i toke it more seriously and started working on my drawing skills until i become as great as him one day, and so on my friends been joking about me being ''ShadGirl'' and with time that actually became a nickname for me.  

What I Do:

Well.. i obviously draw a lot a of hentai lol
Also planning to do drawing live streams and tutorials and hopefully a lot more activities with fans  
I also love RP and i would consider myself a gamer but unfortunately i had to sell my PS4 not long ago.. that sucks  

Contact Me <3

If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to PM me here anytime :D



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